Oxygen Builder is powerful visual editing for WordPress websites. With the granular control on the Oxygen editor, you can achieve a beautiful website and many aspects that may not be available on another WordPress visual editing or page builder plugin.

Collaborative editing is one of the features that any individual or agency would love to have. It allows multiple users to edit the any page at the same time.

Due to the way Oxygen saves global styles, classes, and settings, multi-user or multi-tab editing with Oxygen is highly discouraged. The Oxygen’s official documentation recommend using a single tab when working with Oxygen to avoid issues where one tab is saving older data than another, resulting in overwriting your new changes. The same scenario can occur when two or more users are working in Oxygen at the same time.

To overcome this limitation, we have created a plugin called Yabe Heikou.

What is Yabe Heikou?

Yabe Heikou is a collaborative editing plugin for Oxygen editor. It allows multiple users to edit any page at the same time, and the changes will be synced in real-time.

Heikou is a Japanese word 並行 (Heikō) that means “parallel” or “concurrent”.

The Yabe Heikou was carefully crafted with specific features in mind:

  • Multiple Oxygen editor : There is no limit on how many Oxygen editor can be opened at the same time.

  • Real-time sync : Any changes made will be synced in real-time.

  • Truly an Oxygen add-on : Yabe Heikou built only a thin layer on top of Oxygen’s History system to track changes and make it a future-proof add-on.

  • Powered by Pusher Channels : Yabe Heikou utilizes Pusher Channels as the underlying technology to accomplish real-time synchronization.

  • Easy to use : Simple configuration and operation. Setup once and forget.

  • Lightweight and blazingly fast : The sync feature is built on Oxygen’s History system and Pusher Channels for real-time data sync between multiple Oxygen editors. It has a small footprint and won’t slow down your Oxygen editor.

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